Steve Adams
CONSULT AERO Senior Consultant

  • Airport Operations
  • Air Traffic Management Regulation
  • Air Traffic Control Procedures
  • Project Management for Airport Development Programmes
  • Emergency Planning
  • Safety Management Systems


  • Licensed Air Traffic Controller
  • Licensed Pilot
  • Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management
  • Diploma Aviation (Air Traffic Services)


Steve has over 30 years aviation industry experience. Key positions held include:

  • Director Aviation Development for a global airport consulting company
  • VP Airport Operations and Acting General Manager Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
  • Inspector of Air Traffic Services UAE General Civil Aviation Authority
  • Operational Air Traffic Controller SERCO Middle East and Airservices Australia


Steve has 7 years of aviation consulting experience and 10 years of project experience in key employment roles. Key project work includes:

Dubai Airports Airside Specialist Support (current)

Responsible for management and implementation of Dubai International and Dubai World Central Airports airside processes under the Dubai Airports ‘Next Generation Airside Operations’ programme; including development of airside procedures and review of training; restructuring of Airside and ARFFS teams; strategy and policy development for governance of airport transportation and airside maintenance services; review of airspace and air traffic control procedures.

Dubai International SP2020 Runway Upgrade Programme (2014)

Responsible for review of airside works design drawings, preparation of GCAA regulatory documents including AIP Supplements, Airside Operations Procedures for Runway Closures and Management of Works, Safety Cases for use of non-compliant Taxiways by Code F aircraft, Management of Change Documents for CAT III operations on the Dubai Southern Runway.

Sunshine Coast Council Australia - Aviation Expert in Legal Case (2013)

Acted as a key Aviation Expert on behalf of Sunshine Coast Regional Council in a legal case between the airport and a national quarry operator denied planning approval for a hard rock quarry, which encroached on airport flight paths. Prepared technical briefs and presentations for legal teams, participated in expert meeting discussions, prepared expert witness reports and took the stand in court as an Aviation Expert. (2013)

Sunshine Coast Airport – Airspace Design (2012-2013)

Responsible for full review of Sunshine Coast Airport runway operating procedures, airspace design, flight procedures and flight path concept design in support of the proposed new runway Environmental Impact Study. Responsible for integration of new flight path concepts with the existing airspace, and liaison with the Air Navigation Service Provider for approvals. Responsible for review of existing airspace architecture, design of new airspace concepts and liaison with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for approvals. Responsible for publishing Airspace Design Concepts Report for Airservices and CASA submission and for publishing airspace chapters and runway operating plan for the Sunshine Coast Airport Environmental Impact Study. Responsible for preparing and delivering all airspace presentations to senior council members, aviation stakeholder organisations.

Dubai World Central Operational Readiness Programme (2007-2011)

Responsible for on-site project management of the 5 year Operational Readiness Programme for the opening of the new Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai, UAE. Responsible for chairing the Implementation Committee of senior stakeholder representatives and reporting to the Executive Steering Committee of Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines, Department of Civil Aviation and other industry stakeholder CEOs.

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Responsible for day to day management of the project team of specialist consultants and overseeing multiple working groups; Responsible for facilitating the airport certification programme, for preparation of the draft Aerodrome Manual and other certification documents; Responsible for coordination with aerodrome licensing authorities; Responsible for managing an Air Traffic Services Working Group planning and reviewing airspace architecture, instrument approach and departure routes and developing runway and airspace procedures; Responsible for coordinating airside operations procedures; Responsible for coordinating airport emergency planning; Responsible for coordinating the Al Maktoum International Category III ILS Low Visibility programme; Responsible for overall management of airport wide operational trial programmes for airside, cargo and passenger terminal operations.

Bhutan Air Transport Connectivity Programme

Responsible for preparing an operational assessment of Bhutan airspace, air navigation services and Paro International Airport airside operations; Responsible for review of instrument flight procedure designs, flight paths and visual approach procedures and for recommending changes to airspace architecture and CNS/ATM system upgrades; Responsible for assessment of air traffic control procedures; responsible for assessing airport emergency and security services.

Dubai International Airport
CAT IIIB Low Visibility Operations (2008-2009)

Responsible for project managing the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation Category IIIB Low Visibility Operations Programme. Responsible for establishing stakeholder working groups and liaison meetings to address technical and operational aspects of introducing an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System at Dubai International Airport. Responsible for controlling project progress, providing oversight and review of operational document preparation and liaising with UAE GCAA for regulatory approvals. Responsible for regular reporting to Airport, Airline and Department of Civil Aviation management boards on project progress and issues.

Dubai International Airport
Dual Runway Programme (2008)

Responsible for project management of the Dubai Dual Runway Implementation Programme on behalf of Dubai Department of Civil Aviation, Responsible for monitoring the project construction programme, planning for the phased implementation of the second runway, managing the process of implementation and checking the readiness situation for opening the south runway for various modes of use for air traffic. Responsible for examining the runway construction programme and airside inspections to determine that all facilities and provisions, such as runway and taxiway lighting, markings, holding positions and signage had been completed. Undertook liaison with the Air Traffic Services operator and primary stakeholders, reviewed operating procedures for each agency, and carried out risk assessment for each phase of runway opening from initial operations up to approval for Category III operations. Responsible for liaising with the UAE GCAA, to ensure approval at each stage of runway development for operations.

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