Aviation Safety Management

Management of risk is serious business. It’s one thing to have a published Safety Management System, but how effective is your implementation?

Safety Management Consulting

CONSULT AERO experts have considerable experience in regulatory, senior management, and line operational roles focused on implementing safety management and delivering safety standards in critical aviation operations. We can help your organisation to improve corporate safety culture, develop more effective organisational tools and establish robust safety oversight processes.  

Our Safety Management Services include:

  • Development and implementation of State Safety Programmes
  • Development of Aviation Safety Management Systems
  • Review and assessment of Aviation Safety Management Systems
  • Assessment of organisational safety culture
  • Assessment of safety standard delivery in airport and air traffic operations
  • Development of safety reporting systems
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment workshops
  • Safety Management Training
  • Assistance with aviation incident and accident investigation   

The Challenge

Establishing a comprehensive safety culture within any organisation, which is fully supported from CEO to line operator, is challenging enough. In complex systems such as airports where there are multiple stakeholders, all with different agendas and business goals, achieving a unified commitment to safety performance targets can be incredibly difficult.

What's involved

At an operational level effective delivery of safety standards is the result of getting many things right including recruitment, training and staff development; the establishing of adequate competency levels for safety related tasks; defining correct standards for service delivery; implementation of robust operating procedures; having a comprehensive hazard identification and risk assessment methodology; effectively managing change; careful monitoring, assessment and communication of safety concerns.

To maintain and improve safety standards requires effective safety oversight; accurate capture of incidents and unsafe conditions; comprehensive safety auditing; an effective system for safety investigation and analysis of safety data; efficient communication of safety information; continual review of safety indicators and targets and benchmarking against industry best practices.

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Our Services

Our Standards

CONSULT AERO safety management services comply with the following international standards:

  • ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan
  • ICAO Annex 19 Safety Management & other SARPS
  • ICAO Safety Management Manual (Doc 9859)
  • State specific safety management regulations

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