• Airline Operations
  • Airline Safety Management Systems
  • Flight Operations Safety Auditing
  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC) Issue and Regulation
  • Regulatory Standard Development


  • Master Air Pilot
  • First Class Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) & Command Instrument Rating
  • Grade One Multi-Engine Flight Instructor
  • Chief Flying Instructor Approval
  • Chief Pilot Approval
  • Approved Test Officer
  • Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems


Mike has over 40 years aviation industry experience.

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Key positions held include:

  • Head of Flying Operations, CASA
  • Head of Air Transport Operational Standards, CASA
  • Flying Operations Inspector, CASA
  • Airline Training Captain, Air Niugini


Mike has extensive consulting experience conducting Aviation Flight Operations Safety Audits and  15 years of project experience in key employment roles. Key project work includes:

Aviation Safety Audits (2007 - present)

Responsible in Auditor and Lead Auditor roles for carrying out aviation safety audits of helicopter and fixed wing flight operations; and for mining and energy company operated airports and facilities throughout Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Australian Member and Chairman of the ICAO Operations Panel. (2001-2006)

Responsible for overseeing the work of the Operations Panel in the development of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) relating to Extended Diversion Time Operations; Flight and Duty Time Limits; Single-Engine Turbine-Powered Aircraft Operations at Night and in IMC; Increasing Aerodrome Capacity, including procedures for independent simultaneous parallel runway operations and Land-and-Hold-Short Operations (LAHSO); Procedures for All-Weather Operations; Operations on Wet and Contaminated Runways; Performance Requirements for Large Aeroplanes; Classification of Instrument Approach Procedures; and ACAS High-Vertical Rate Encounters.

Australian Member and Vice Chairman of the ICAO Secondary Surveillance Radar Improvements and Collision Avoidance Systems Panel (SICASP). (1999-2001)

Responsiblefor developing the Australian legislation requiring the carriage of Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems (ACAS) and associated training requirements.

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