Airspace Design & Planning

Whether you are building a greenfield airport, implementing a new phase of your airport master plan, commissioning a new runway or simply experiencing a change in the type or volume of aircraft operations you deal with, the airspace above the airport is often not the first thing that comes to mind. It should be!            

Airspace Design & Planning

CONSULT AERO can evaluate all types of airspace design and planning issues. With extensive experience in air traffic management and expertise in air traffic control procedures, airspace architecture and flight path design and review we work closely with Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers and Regulators to find solutions to existing problems and prevent new ones from happening.                

Our Airspace Planning Services:

  • Concept design for new airspace architecture and flight paths
  • En-route and terminal airspace system review
  • Greenfield airport airspace planning
  • New runway airspace integration
  • Review of existing airspace procedures   

Why it matters...

Poor airspace design can cripple airport capacity regardless of how many stands and runways you build. Similarly, the wrong airport layout and poor obstacle control can introduce major flow problems into an otherwise well designed airspace architecture.

Noise and other undesirable environmental impacts from aircraft often drive flight path design. Nevertheless, aircraft traffic flows on the ground and in the air must work together for optimum efficiency and safety. At every new stage of airport development, airspace impacts on airport capacity need to be considered. You can’t afford to get this wrong.

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Our Services

Our Standards

CONSULT AERO airspace planning services comply with the following international standards:

  • ICAO Annex 11 Air Traffic Services & other SARPS
  • ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation Services (Doc 4444)
  • ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation & Operations (PANS-OPS Doc 8168)
  • ICAO Required Navigation Performance (RNP-AR Doc 9905)
  • State specific airspace planning regulations

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